Coming Events

Tunks Descendants Family Picnic and tour of
the Tunks Monument in St John's Cemetery.

October 28 at 10.00 am

Parramatta Part, Macquarie Street Gatehouse Entrance.
(Drive through the gatehouse entrance and park in the parking area on the left).

Help to make it a Pre-Christmas get together!
Join us to enjoy this very eventful day. Please bring your photos and memorabilia as this will be a great opportunity to share them and catch up with as many of your family members as possible. 

A short walk to the newly repaired Tunks Monument will be organised. 

We look forward to sharing a wonderful family day with you all.

Depending on the weather we have two locations one under cover and the other out in the open, both sites are close to the amenities, just look for the Tunks Descendants Association Banner.

Unfortunately no BBQs nearby so bring your picnic hamper or grab something to eat or a cup of coffee at the local café.


Your Tunks Talk Newsletter will contain information about upcoming events.

Committee Meetings

The Tunks Descendants Association Inc. committee meets five to six times a year on Monday mornings. These are usually held at the homes of committee members, a Tunks commorative site, or unless otherwise stated. All TDAI members are welcome at committee meetings however please notify the secretary in advance for the date and full location of the next meeting.