William Tunks History (1754-1821)

WILLIAM TUNKS (TONKS) known as ‘Tunks’ but recorded on the ship’s papers as ‘Tonks’, WILLIAM, aged 33, was “put on board HMS ‘Sirius’ on 24th February 1787” as a private of marines, one of a party of 12 supernumeries (all artisans of various trades – William, a gimlet maker). He remained on board the flagship throughout the long voyage to Botany Bay (13 May 1787 to 20 January 1788) and for a further period of at least 10 months in Sydney Cove.

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Sarah Lyons (1763- 1837)

In May 1788 Sarah, aged about 25, went shopping for silk handkerchiefs at a haberdashery shop in London. After discussing her needs with a salesman she bought and paid for some items and ordered others. As she walked from the shop a piece of silk material she had concealed under her skirts fell to the floor and was noticed by the manager. The police were called and Sarah was arrested, tried and sentenced to transportation to NSW for seven years. She was sent to Newgate gaol to await transport to NSW.

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Five generations of descendants of William Tunks and Sarah Lyons.  Update your own part of the Tunks Family Tree

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Follow their life milestones from their births in England to their deaths in Australia

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