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If you are directly related to William Tunks and Sarah Lyons three children (see family tree) or any of their direct descendants please complete the application form below and return to the Membership Secretary together with material evidence (please send photocopies only). 

The authenticity of your application details will be checked and approved by the Tunks Descendants Association Inc. committee that meets six times a year. There is no joining fee but there is a $15.00 (Calender year) membership fee. Members also receive four issues a year of “Tunks Talk” our Association’s newsletter. An annual Picnic is held each year in connection with our Annual General Meeting. 

Applications can be sent to The Membership Secretary, Tunks Descendants Association, 17 Spencer St, Mittagong NSW 2572 or emailed to:

Should you have any questions please contact the Membership Secretary Gaye White  email: 

TDAI Policy for approval of new members

Approved at AGM 25 March 2001

  1. The application must be on our approved “Application Form”.
  2. The application can only be received by the TDAI Membership Secretary. Attached to the application must be material evidence of the applicant being a direct descendant of William Tunks and Sarah Lyons, plus a copy of the applicant’s full birth certificate.
  3. The burden is on the applicant to do the research to provide enough evidence to warrant membership of the TDAI.
  4. If the applicant is not an immediate relative of a current member the secretary must ask the applicant for a copy of documentation, the material evidence, proving a direct line of descent that can be traced either from Len Chalmer”s “Tunks Family Tree” or Marian Perrem”s Brothers Keeper “Tunks Family Tree 2001” records. When checking an application care must be taken to keep an open mind. With absolute respect to our past and present Family Tree publications, new information that may prove our existing records incorrect or slightly in error must be thoroughly investigated and brought to a Committee Meeting for resolution.
  5. If the applicant is an immediate descendant of a current member the material evidence is a full birth certificate.
  6. On completion of the necessary research regarding an application, details must be put to the next available committee meeting for approval or rejection.
  7. A letter informing the applicant of the Committee’s decision regarding their application must be sent to the applicant as soon after the committee meeting as possible, by the Membership Secretary, provided such an officer has been appointed, or alternatively by the TDAI Secretary.
  8. When assessing the direct line of a descendent for TDAI application the following “Guidelines” have been agreed.
    a) An adopted child cannot be considered as a direct descendant.
    b) Where a birth certificate for a child born of a relationship clearly lists either the father or mother and that the father or mother can prove by material evidence such as certificates that they are Tunks descendants this applicant is to be considered a direct descendant.

Note: The 8th. October meeting recommended that an alteration to rule 8. of the “TDAI rules” should be put to the next AGM (25th March 2001) to allow applicants whose applications are not accepted to become Associate Members? (the FFF has such a rule)

TDAI Policy for Approval