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  1. Hi. About 60 years ago my grandmother Irene ( nee Tunks) told me the family came to Australia on the first fleet. She was the oldest of 9 chilren and had family history knowlege. I have not done any family history search as my great uncle tried many years ago but said there was a lack of records around the gold rush time. Perhapse your group may have some family tree details that may help.

    1. Gary, have a look at the descendants of William Tunks and Sarah Lyons to see if you can see your Grandmother’s line. Was your Grandmother’s married name, Cameron?

    2. I am an an American that see’s recognition to the name of an
      American actor, Gary Collins. This may not be the same guy? My father was Harry Gustav Tunks, born the 23rd day of the month of the year 1912. His mother, Beatrice I believe, died at his and his sister’s birth. They were Platonic twins and she died giving childbirth. Both my father and his twin, my aunt Ann, were put into an orphanage in 1912. I think in America but ??? The Orphanage got his birthday day correct but Orphanage records always listed the Birthdate as 1-? that year. Needing to capture the full years capital for the year they always wanted to start collecting from the beginning of the year to get more funds that first year. Corruption in Gov. from the beginning. My name is Lawrence Tunks and I live with my family in San Diego. Too bad I’m retired which means I’m too old too greet the Nitelife as I should.

      1. I am Larry Tunks from San Diego, CA. I would like to share my knowledge but the website is not as friendly to me as I would like?


    Ate the details on the membership still current as of November 2021?
    I’m sure my mother Ailsa Atkinson, deceased, is still on the records as I am.

  3. Phillip Tunks

    My Father Phillip Osmond Jack Tunks was born at Sorrel Street Parramatta on 29 th October 1895 Father John Tunks Mother nee Whiteman ..Siblings Win Ken Honor William Younie. Had a peach farm at Tintern Dundas or Carlington ..Dad pioneered a citrus at Dooralong ,Moved there with with brother Ken .Ken went back to peach farm after huge flood damage clrared part along side creek.Dad married when he was 36 years old.

    Phillip William Tunks

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