2020 AGM - Tunks Descendants Association Inc

TDAI President’s Report – AGM 2019

TDAI held its AGM, at First Fleeter’s House on 5 February, 2020. Thank you to all those who attended. A huge thank you to our retiring President Alan George who gave his last President’s report.

President’s Report

Welcome to all our Committee Members, Association members and visitors who have
joined us for our Annual General Meeting at First Fleet House. I would like to thank the First Fleeters for allowing us to use their facilities for our AGM.

We had one meeting at the Royal Oak Hotel since our last AGM plus a remote meeting due to the extreme heat and damaging bush fires. The remote meeting was very well prepared, and I would like to thank Ros for documenting it in her usual detailed manner and to all committee members for submitting their reports.

As mentioned we hand one meeting since our last AGM the committee members have been very busy and much progress has been achieved.

Our Treasurer Robert Vaughn has continued to keep an excellent set of accounts, monies received are acknowledged by an impressive receipt and our term deposit continues to grow. Many thanks Robert.

Natalie Logan and Gaye White are an exceptional team maintaining and building our archives. The results they are achieving are mind blowing and I can not thank them enough for their dedication and enthusiasm.

The Tunks Talk is an exceptional newsletter and Ron Baird and Joanna Love worked overtime to produce the latest issue in such a timely manner and Robert Vaughan for his commitment to distribution. Many thanks to a wonderful team.

Membership is continuing to grow, and Gaye White and Ron Baird have gained a couple of very interesting new members. The involvement and interest both Gaye and Ron dedicate to new members is wonderful and I thank both for their time and effort.

Gaye White a huge gratitude for your endeavour in providing such a wonderful website, so beautifully designed and such a detailed site. Gaye I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication.

Our Social Coordinator Richard Charmers and his team of merry women and men have given us two great social events. The State Library and Dead Centre exhibition, together with the day trip to Goat Island both were extremely interesting and well attended. It was wonderful to see our Patron Robert Lusby attending our social events. A 40th Anniversary luncheon is scheduled for early this year.
The social aspect of our membership is very challenging, and I would like to thank the team for a job well done. Richard will be truly missed as he took on the role of Social Coordinator for one year only.

The 230th Anniversary of the sinking of HMS Sirius off Norfolk Island is only a few weeks away.
All attendees have received links to a collection of resources and primary records for HMS Sirius week on the Tunks family and Norfolk Island.

A William Tunks Descendants Association meeting at the Leagues Club Bistro has been organised for Sunday 15th March 2020 at 5:30pm.

We have a good Tunks representation; Alan George, Lorraine George, Glenys Vanderburg, Ann Jones, Judith Baird, Frederick Allsopp (Fred), Heather Allsopp, Ronald Baird, Mavis Baird, Douglas Davis, Karen Davis, Michael Houstone, Diana Houstone.

I have been very busy in a last attempt to save the Royal Oak Hotel. I have emailed the Heritage Council of NSW, Local Councillors, State Ministers, Radio Personalities and North Parramatta Local group.

I have tried to encourage a prominent radio personality or a member of his family to join our cause.

Lorraine and I have attended meetings with Local Council, Local Councillors, a Local Group, State Ministers and represented the TDAI together with Robert and Ros Vaughn on a Channel 7 News interview on the last trading day of the Royal Oak Hotel.

We have been advised that the Royal Oak Hotel will be trading for another month.

Our premise has been to move the Royal Oak Hotel back towards the stable 10 metres or converge the road lane onto the Light Rail lines, prior to, in front of and after the Royal Oak Hotel so that the Royal Oak Hotel does not have to be demolished. This will allow Parramatta to retain a little more of its dwindling Heritage and the Tunks family retains another heritage treasure.

The Tunks Descendants Association Incorporated is a wonderful group of hard working and exceptional volunteers achieving outstanding results.

I will not be standing for re-election as a member of the Tunks Descendants Association Incorporated as my interest is dwindling and my contribution will be of very little value.
I believe the position of president should be a Tunks person, especially for the upcoming 40th Anniversary Luncheon so hopefully Graeme Tunks will accept the position.

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