William Tunks Wikitree


WikiTree, a free, shared social-networking genealogy website, allows users individually to research and to
contribute to their own personal family trees while building and collaborating on a singular worldwide family
tree within the same system.
The WikiTree site emphasises the building of a shared, worldwide family tree. Members do not maintain
individual trees, but instead contribute to a single collaborative tree. The site’s goal is to have one profile for
every person, whether living or dead. Duplicate profiles are merged and the information is consolidated,
connecting different family branches in the process. If you have had a DNA test you can link your results
and it will flag your DNA connections for you.
One of the key uses of WikiTree is to print out Family Tree reports for you to view or share.
For example you can print the first five generations of descendants of William Tunks and Sarah Lyons.

You can view, edit or contribute to your line of the family here

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