War Records – Descendants of William Tunks and Sarah Lyons

This booklet is a compilation of World War 1 records and stories about the descendants of William and Sarah Tunks. I have found 42 World War 1 service records but it is possible that more will be found in the future. The primary sources for information are online records at the National Archives and the AIF Project.

The ages of the 42 servicemen at enlistment ranged from 16 to 52. Five servicemen altered their ages in order to enlist. Nine, possibly ten were married at the time of enlistment and two were married overseas. One enlisted using an alias.

Six soldiers died during their war service.

  1. James Henry Hewitt Tunks KIA at Gallipoli, on the 30th April 1915 aged 43.
  2. Thomas Stanley Taylor KIA at Poziers, on the 26th July 1916 aged 22.
  3. Herbert Edwin Cowell KIA at Lagnicourt, on the 15th April 1917 aged 23.
  4. Norman Frederick Tidyman KIA Harbonnieres, France on the 11th August 1918 aged 34. 
  5. William George Slogrove died from influenza, on the 26th October 1918 aged 18 on his way overseas. He is buried in Sierra Leone.
  6. William George Bragg KIA at Bullecourt, on the 4th May 1917 aged 19


The 42 records show that 5 descendants were from Ann Tunks and John Andrews, 17 from John Tunks and Esther Arndell and 20 from John Tunks and Phoebe Tomlinson

The Tunks family were perhaps luckier than many families of that era, with 36 out of 42 servicemen returning home from their war service. The ongoing health issues of those who returned is not known and may well have lasted for the remainder of their lives.


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