Presidents Report 2020

2020 has been an interesting year for the Tunks Descendants Associated Incorporated. Like everyone else throughout the world we’ve been affected by a pandemic which still rages throughout the rest of the world, save for Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. In that respect we have been very fortunate, and despite excellent management by our Australian State Premiers, the shadow remains. The virus remains. Knocking on our door, waiting for us to drop our guard, and mutating. Just over a year ago, all of this would have seemed a science fiction
scenario. Today it is reality and has been thus for the
entirety of our TDAI year since our last AGM.

The consequences for TDAI have been significant. 

  • No face-to-face meetings: but we’ve found Zoom meetings and much more flexibility in how we conduct our business. Being on the latter half of the temporal line of human existence for most of us has meant more caution; 
  • the virus likes the vulnerable. But we’ve found time for more introspection, research, and productive activity which might otherwise have been lost to the rush and tumble of what used to be modern life.

We’ve lost some of our kinfolk and comrades along the way, as is inevitable with the passage of time, including a Life Member in Dudley Tunks at the impressive age of 97 years. For an organisation which cherishes its past, its legacy and its history, such a passing is always a great loss, of all that experience, memory, expertise and Tunks lore.

But these moments also give us time to reflect on our own efforts, and what TDAI stands for. Particularly what it can achieve as legacy for our own descendants. A never- ending task, but certainly a labour of love.

Despite the presence and impact of COVID-19, we’ve gained some new members too. Valuable ones.

Members who are willing to take on office with the Committee; a very welcome thing. We’ve pressed on with research into our family history, making some significant discoveries and finding new leads which will be pursued further. For this we are fortunate to have such a dedicated researcher in Natalie. 

We are also very fortunate in the management of our shop front – our website and Facebook presence continues to evolve and become a better resource for all under Gaye’s stewardship and hard work. We now have a Twitter presence, with followers including journalists and politicians interesting in heritage preservation and history. Another positive step, and all of this online presence will continue to serve us well.

Our financial position is strong. We’ve made a

valuable contribution to our family monument in Parramatta, and with continued management of our
finances such excellent projects will continue to be a viable option for us in the future. It is to be commended
that we remain in this position.

Our Annual Financial Report is very welcome, and thank you to Robert for his efforts as our Treasurer.

We’ve made our presence felt once again in advocating for preservation of heritage areas and this contact with Government and media will continue to serve us well in this regard. Our history is so much the richer with places of significance for all to visit and contemplate. TDAI will remain committed to this and we will continue to be active in this space, as a significant voice of reason in the face of rampant development.

We can be proud of this. We can be proud of what we have done in the past. We can be just as proud of what we have done in 2020, under trying circumstances.

And we can be proud to continue as fellowship of kinfolk who share a remarkable history.

Stay safe in these times, kinfolk. But press onwards. We are the descendants of tough, resourceful people.

Something we can always draw on for succour, comfort and inspiration.

Graeme Tunks, President TDAI

2 thoughts on “Presidents Report 2020”

  1. Hi
    I have been researching the history of the the Royal Oak Hotel for the last two years. Up to this stage I have 40 pages of information. I research old hotels in my retirement and this keeps me very busy. I also research hotel and Inns during the gold rush at Hill End and Wattle Flat area. The Royal Oak research is nearly complete accept for some small details.

    I have not been able to find out why the hotel has not been opened. I can only assume that the Walsh family did not renew the license. The hotel was to be open by February 2020 and this has not happened. I can only hope that there is some good news.
    Do you have any information as to what happened and why the hotel is not trading.


    Ray Samuel

    1. Hi Ray,
      Just let you know that you are correct about the opening date for the New Royal Oak as the D.A. was supposed to be complete by Jan 2021.
      I have been keeping a eye on what has been happening with the Light Rail Project which is impacting on the footpath traffic outside the new hotel and the through that area. The Road. is still closed at certain times during the week as work on the ground services has been very quite slow in being done. I suggest that you can contact Donna Davis on the Parramatta council who is the Light Rail Contact on the council to find out if she has any more information.
      By the way are you related to the Tunks Family.
      Kind Regards
      Robert Vaughn
      Public Officer/Treasurer
      Tunks Descendants Associatioin Inc.

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